Thursday, June 16, 2011

So a few weeks ago, this cat showed up in our yard.  DO NOT FEED THE CAT, I announced sternly to all the children. DO NOT PET THE KITTY I admonished futilely.  Because, you see, Rob is not just an animal lover.  Animals love him.  Scratch that, they adore him.  Haven't met a critter that didn't take to that boy quicker than you'd imagine.  Sigh.

So a few weeks went by and the cat was still hanging around.  And then it got really rainy.  And suddenly it was sitting literally in front of our back door yelling to be let in.  Rob quietly asked about having another cat.  To which I treated the boy to a litany worthy of my father when I was a kid.  (yes, I too brought home more than my fair share of animals. In fact the only reason I got to keep the last cat I brought home was because I was moving out in a couple of months!) 

I explained that the cat was likely to have fleas and ticks.  Rob checked it and reported it clean.  I snorted and pointed out that this was hard to tell with a coal black kitten.  I pointed out that Maui is not a friendly cat. He beats up our dog.  What might he do to a tiny kitten.  Rob said the kitten could stay in his room.  I said that it had sores on its ears.  Rob said that they didn't look serious.  I said that taking in a kitten was expensive and we were saving for a big family vacation.  Rob said he would pay all the vet costs if I could pay for the added food and litter expenses. And he would help with cat pans. 

It was water wearing a rock into a pebble.  Oh and of course he had all ready named the kitten. He informed me it was a girl and her name was Valkyrie. Valkyrie is Skulduggery's sidekick in the series he likes so much. LOL

So I said yes, but that she could not come in until we got a clean bill of health from the vets.  Worms and fleas were not welcome.  Also I wanted to be sure she was feline leukemia negative.  So today she went to the vets.  She had no fleas.  She has ear mites. She is feline leukemia negative. She is about 7 months old.  And due to deliver a litter of kittens in about 3 1/2 weeks.  ACK!

The vets said a shelter will take the kittens when they are 8 wks old.  They better! LOL


Anonymous said...

Hey, she can be virtual twins wth our formerly wild seven-month-old kitty, who would have given birth to a litter of five in about a month except, um, now she won't. Welcome home, Valkyrie!

Sunday Koffron said...

awww, she is so cute! If you were closer i would be contemplating one of the kittens myself, rls want one SOOOO bad.