Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Day of Nothing

I am not good at nothing.  I am VERY much on the go all the time.  But today I woke up with a migraine for the third day running.  And it hurt so much that it took the first few hours of the day for me to tell the source (my neck) and the rest of the day to sort of get things under control with it.  Sigh.  I had PLANS for today.  I wanted to make tissue paper Easter decorations with the kids for our picture window.  I was going to cook a big Sunday a.m. breakfast because we were (gasp) skipping church today since Rob was working there till midnight last night on the gourmet dinner.  He had a blast incidently but was glad he ate before he went.  Instead, I lay in bed concentrating on not moving my head, and feeling bored and also guilty becuase I know the kids worry a lot on the rare occasions when I am down.  Their heads kept poking into the room periodically and when I would come down for a cup of tea or to use the bathroom they would stare at me with huge eyes and ask if I was better.  I remember my mother petrifying me about her health when I was a kid.  That is the very last thing I want to do to mine. 

Evening has been somewhat better and they helped me clean the kitchen and play a game and they put on a show for me as well.  The latter is always a cure for anything in my book.  They are such hams.  I also spent a little time working on pricing out a trip to Florida to Disney next spring.  I have so far saved up about $700 which is not a ton but it s a good start.  I am looking at tips sites and if anyone knows of any good deals or ideas in the Orlando area don't be shy!!!  I am more of a camping vacation gal so this is a brave new world of planning for me.

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