Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New York, New York!

Rob's youth group is headed to the big apple in a month or so and the planning meeting was tonight.  K took him to the meeting and came home having volunteered to drive our van and an assorted collection of teens and a chaperone to NY. 

I am really excited for them at so many levels.  Firstly because Rob seems genuinely happy that she volunteered.  Rob is a quiet kid, I gauge a lot by body posture--where he stands during a conversation, where he looks, and  how he holds his shoulders all tell me a lot.  Which I realize sounds weird, by the way. LOL

I am excited for Kirsty because I think she has struggled a bit recently.  She is emotional and a talker and it bothers her when he -well, he just isn't a talker.  I find that doing things together that are very parallel and non confrontational elicit moments for the odd sentence and comment.  But by and large, what he wants is for me/us to be present and not to spend a lot of time yakking.  He and i have a variety of small ways that we make memories together.  Actually all the kids and i do.  She doesn't have as much of that.

This weekend has the potential for such magic for them.  I told her privately after he was in the shower that even if over the course of the weekend he says nothing to her and is hanging only with his friends, that they have a weekend of sights, sounds (and maybe even a Broadway performance for crying out loud!) that they will always both remember.  I think she got that.  So even though I won't get to walk in Central Park, or see the Empire State Blg, or take in a Broadway show, I will have a fantastic weekend with the rest of the gang here, knowing that they are!

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Sunday Koffron Taylor said...

It sounds like a great time! i know m oldest would rather never talk to me these days but she still wants me around...if you get that?