Thursday, March 24, 2011

Disney Dreaming?

My kids want to go to Disney.  I expect all kids do. LOL  I know that I have never been and that my wife went as a family trip when she graduated from high school. They would have brought me along except that I had a job and had to work.  I almost got to Disney a year later when the family I nannied for was going.  But I had finals the week they were going so someone else got the gig then too.

So it doesn't take too much for me to listen to Lissa's talk about princesses (and KC's for that matter) and to start to seriously consider how to do this.  It will take serious saving and planning.  My wife is not really a saver so that part will fall to me.  Also, it will be more expensive for us than for some other families for a couple of reasons.  The packages are really geared to a family of 4.  We are a family of 6--7 really but Fiona would not be allowed to come with us unless something huge changes in her life.  Chet's autism mean that he needs space. And plans for quiet down time, and a way to set up his temporary quarters in a way that makes sense to him and gives him a feeling of order and control. Which means all of us piling into a hotel room for a week is totally out of the question.

Also my wife isn't really into the whole theme park thing. She said she might do one day but beyond that it would be on me.   I don't think we need to spend more than 2 days with that hype anyway and hope that we could then hike and sightsee in other venues after that.  But she would like a place to retreat to if it all becomes too much for her as well. Then there is the food factor.  As vegetarians (well most of us) eating out is sometimes challenging. It also can be difficult for Chet who has some specific food requirements.  Not too hot, not too cold. The spoon must be large enough to do certain things to his food etc.Bottom line, I need to rent a house.

I have done some snooping on line and it looks like May is a pretty good time to try to go.  Not this May, a year from now May.  I figure there will be less crowds because many schools are still in session.  The prices on some really nice house rentals in that time period is not really too bad. (like 8-900 weekly)  I was looking fairly high end too as I would like us to have a pool to use in the evenings and I am serious about the need for our family to sprawl.  Lissa needs space as well or she gets really frustrated.

I talked to a co-worker and she thinks that  you can buy park hopper passes up to a year ahead so I could maybe buy one a month in addition to saving for the rental, air fare and car rental. It isn't a done deal but I am seriously thinking about it.  Lissa will be 5 by then and she has a mind like a steel trap and will definately remember things.  All the others will be at the remembering age too.  Because this is very likely a one shot.  I truly don't see this as being repeated any time in the foreseeable future!

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GB's Mom said...

We went once with family # 1, and it was a lifetime of memories. My oldest could only handle one park a day, then we switched to swimming, biking, fishing, and vegging. He managed anywhere from 3-6 hours at each park. I will do it again with family # 2, but not until my RADling has made much more progress. Good luck with your dreaming :)