Thursday, March 24, 2011

Working and Whining!

I despise whining, especially if it is me.  But I am kinda whiny tonight so feel free to hit the delete button and move on.  I have worked hard since January and my company was bought to be that employee everyone hopes to have.  Savvy, confident, friendly, cooperative, full of good ideas but stepping back to listen to wisdom, yada yada yada. 

And really for the most  part i have succeeeded. My weekly evals are strong.  I get "atta girl" emails up the wazoo etc.  Except that my work load has not just increased. It has morphed to such staggering amounts that it is like papers are breeding at night when I am not there. And if the papers are not, the emails are. 

I have done a pretty good job keeping up with stuff though.  I have learned a ton of new procedures and have worked in this odd limbo land where we are not fully doing new stuff and not fully utilizing the old formats. One can blame this particular hell on the changing of computers and software that doesn't like to speak to other software.  But I really need 8 hours of work to accomplish all this and my company is adament that they will only pay for 7 each day.  Even that didn't bother me too too badly.  I discovered that by drinking "Soup in hand" I could work and eat at the same time.  Frankly at this point whether or not I get paid for that hour is not important to me.  I want to get my office in tidy order once more and show to people that we really are efficient. I will be in a stronger bargaining position if all this is under control instead of quibbling about an hours pay.

Then the Powers That Be decided that our staff should attend a time management meeting.  For 2 hours on Monday.  Where we learned important things like  Seriously??? You think I have time for that??? And you took two important work hours away to give me that pearl of knowledge and a notebook made from recycled paper.  Well the notebook is kind of cool, but maybe you could have just dropped it on my desk. Oh, wait, I wouldn't find it then, right? 

Then the Powers That Be decided I needed to be at an all day meeting with my immediate supervisor only 2 days later.  It was a big gathering and the networking and schmoozing is something that I see is very important so I did it.  My immediate boss fell asleep in the meeting so I suspect it was not so positive for him.  However, I returned to the office today and my desk was awash in more papers.  I began to bravely soldier through them and was called to attend a lunch meeting.  Seriously??? People stop eating please so I can get some work done!  LOL

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Sunday Koffron Please Stand Up said...

haha, soon they will have to give you a clothing allowance….