Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lissa's Up Next!

Last weekend the big focus was primarily on Robbie.  This weekend, he does have stuff happening but the big focus will be Lissa.  You see on Saturday afternoon, my wee daughter is in her first gymnastics meet. It is not a super competitive thing.  And it also helps raise money for a gym family who are facing a serious medical crisis. But my flibberty gibbit daughter is supposed to do a routine.  On her own.  Wow, who would have thought we would even be thinking about this a year ago. Totally blows me away. The team colors are red and blue so I am going to find some sparkly ribbon and do something with her box braids and the ribbons.  We also could order flowers for our gymnasts so she will get a bouquet of red white and blue carnations from us as well.  She is very blase about the whole thing which I suppose is a huge plus.  Goodness knows I don't need to high anxiety kids like KC!  LOL


GB's Mom said...

Go Lissa!

Sunday Koffron Please Stand Up said...

I am so excited for her!

Kids are all different. Some kids freak out before the meets, some freak out after…some not at all. I like blasé that works for sure. My DD, my own birth-child, totally not traumatized, unless you count having me for a mom, would wake up on meet mornings in a complete panicky rage (she started competing on the pre-team at 5) we learned to send her to ride in a friend’s car or to bring a friend in our car or she would a mess by the time we got to the meet. So laid back works for me.