Friday, March 18, 2011

The pause before the crazy

Weekend that is! This is one of those weekends that makes my 50 to 60 hour work weeks look easy. Tomorrow we leave at 9 a.m. for a train trip to the big city to spend the day with Fiona. This is exciting because it is our second off site visit.  One more and Jane said we can visit 1/2 way between the amazing school and our house. This gets us closer and closer to Fi getting to come here for a visit which is what we have all been working toward for more than a year.  Not that Fiona ever had any significant issues when visiting. Those happened during the day to day living which is an emotional stress she can not sustain, much though she and us wish otherwise.  In fact, she just got back to the great school in the city after a week of hospitalization for behavior issues. 

We will get back to our city around 5 p.m. at which time I have to take tired children to the grocery store to buy (quickly veeeeery quickly) bagels, cheese, 1/2 and 1/2 and a fruit platter for church the following morning.  Yup, we are hosting fellowship.  Actually Chet is and I am assisting him.  You don't want Chet to pour your coffee. Nuff said.  LOL

Then I have to get Rob and a friend  to church for 8 a.m.   It is Youth Group Sunday and my strong usually silent young man is singing in the Youth Choir and performing in the skit that they are doing as well.  I am so excited to see this.  He is at practice tonight as I write this.  After the first service, K is leaving for her mom's runaway day.  I will stay with the kids and supervise the fellowship hour. Then the younger kids and Chet and I will head out.  A friend will bring Rob home from the second service.  Then  it will be time for grocery shopping, something I bumped from our usual Saturday errands.  I don't want to try and do the full shop when we get back to town on Saturday. The kids would never stand it as they will be exhausted.  After that we will come home, unload, get lunch. Rob should be home and after lunch we will head to the library. Then it is home, time for Saturday's cleaning on Sunday and then an early supper so I can get Rob and his friend to Youth Group for 5:30.  I will have to drag the littles along as well which I imagine they will protest about so I will have to think of some exciting carrot to entice them!

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