Saturday, March 19, 2011

Visiting Fiona

We made our trek into the Big City today to see my daughter Fiona.  We could not have asked for a better day.  The weather was cold but not frigid.  March is typically not the best month for this city.  Close to the ocean it is often raw with harsh biting winds. Today there was wind but it was not bad, even for a wimp like me.  LOL  We had a great train ride in and then the most hysterical thing happened.  As we approached our stop the couple behind us leaned forward and said "excuse me, the conductor just said Stop X and I thought we were going to the Big City."  I explained that Stop X was the Big City.  Turned out that this was their first time going to the City and they wanted to sight see. They asked if they could follow me through the stop.  This was hysterically funny to me, as I feel like I am such a hick from the sticks when I go to the Big City, but I said sure.  I showed them where the trolley tours are and where the subway maps were and found someone who could give them pointers on fun things to see there as there is an info desk at this stop.  Then we went and called our cab and were on our way to Fiona.

As Jane had predicted, insurance ran out on Thursday and she was promptly cut loose from the hospital.  She seemed as stable as she ever is during the visit. I don't mean that in a bad way.  She was just Fiona, no significant highs or lows that would worry me.  And in fact there were several things that Jane has accomplished with Fiona that give me so much hope for her. She can use money now and earns a small amount that is hers.  I had intended to pay for her food at the ice cream place we were going to but she brought her own money and I thought it better to let her do that then to buy for her.  Even though on the one hand, my buying reinforces that she is my daughter and treated as I treat all my kids, she is also 19 and should be having the experience of making choices with her own money.  She has more awareness of location than she has ever had before as well. This is such an amazing improvement and something that I did not know could improve.

She was so glad to see us and we were just as happy to see her.  KC has been saving up knock knock jokes all week to share with her.  Lissa was bouncing all over the place and Rob was quiet but smiling.  And he did share about singing in church tomorrow so that was pretty big for him.  We had lunch at her school and then went in the school van to a nearby library and hung out there for a while. We read books and looked around and from there we were able to walk to an ice cream emporium.  Yes, emporium.  In my neck of the woods, ice cream places are not very fancy.  This was fancy to the schmancy.  They display art by city residents on the walls.  They have hand painted murals.  They have little bistro tables and 40 billion toppings to choose from. They have non dairy options (yay!) and another 50 billion kinds of coffee. 

Now the thing is I don't typically put anything  in my coffee.  I firmly believe that nothing should potentially interfere with the rapid absorbtion of caffiene into my blood stream.  LOL  But it sounded so cool  to say "I'd like a small caramel macchiatto please!"  It was pretty good too, but I am a plebe, I still love Dunkins black and hot.

Things felt like they finished too soon, but I know the kids were tired.  It is a whole day event even when the visit is only about 3 hours.I love that it seems easier every time for Fiona to introduce us as her family.  I love listening to the kids--all the kids--refer to her as their big sister. I love the way her face lights up when she sees us at the door.  And we will be back in 3 weeks for her arts and entertainment night.  Now off to get some rest as I need to get Rob and his friend to church for 8 tomorrow morning.  Our church is 30 minutes away so we'll be leaving bright and early!


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Progress! Fuel to keep you going :)

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