Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fiona, meds and hospitalization

Last night Fiona called. Well, sort of.  She mostly just breathed and murmered. We talked.  Jane was worried.  I was worried. The week before we had a phone call and had been told that she was sick and that was why she was acting like this.  Jane's concern made it evident to me that this was not "illness" but something medication related.

Jane took the time to call me back after the family phone call.  (like I said, this woman is AMAZING) and said that Fiona has essentially become this way since her recent hospitalization. They removed a number of meds while in the hospital and Jane did not know if this was a medication detox or if it signified something else.  She said she could see that Fiona literally had trouble thinking and getting words out.  Fi is usually very chatty so this is really really unlike her. I think part of why Jane called also was to see if I had ever seen this type of behavior from her at any point in the past. The answer is categorically no. Jane said the hospital really snowed her saying on Fiona's return that she was just "sick" and that if she had any inkling that this was a result of what they were doing in the hospital she would have refused to have her come back until they got things right.

Next Thursday we are going to the Big City because it is Arts and Entertainment night at the school.  Fiona has been planning to sing a song that she says she is dedicating to us. As of last night, Jane felt there was no way she was able to perform and wondered if we would still be coming.  I said yes absolutely that this was likely a time when she would need us most. That I could explain to the kids that the drs were trying to find the right meds etc.  Jane was grateful and said that Fiona would see a Dr today and she would shoot me a quick email with an update because I was so worried.

Late this afternoon just before I left work I got an email from her.  They added back one of her meds and all ready could see a huge improvement.  Whew!

Jane and I also emailed a bit more regarding the situation of where Fiona may wind up when she leaves the Great School in the City.  Firstly the good news is she can stay there till she is 22.  She is only 19 now. So we have breathing room. But Jane wants to work with me and Fiona's DCF worker so that we are more clearly seen and listed as "family' to try and prevent the road blocks that I have experienced in the past maintaining visits and contact.  Also she will help me advocate for a DMR oversight as opposed to DMH.  In our state the care and options are better with the former agency and the placements tend to have for lack of a better word, more gentle clients.

Fiona is so emotionally and cognitively young.  She tries to reach for the adult behaviors but she at 19 still loves Hannah Montana for instance.  And sticker art.  Things that could easily bring about ridicule in a setting that was strictly a DMH.  It doesn't look at this point like there is a loophole to get her placed in the City where she presently is, or closer to us.  But if Jane can help me build a relationship with her case worker who knows?  I have a good period of time to become their new best friend!  LOL


GB's Mom said...

I am glad they added back the med. I HATE it when hospitals make everything worse.

Sunday Koffron Please Stand Up said...

I am glad they said she was doing better, i was starting to panic...i have anxiety issues you, know. i was writing a list of all of the things that could have gone wrong...thank god!