Thursday, March 17, 2011

Top O' the Mornin!

KC talked with his friends at dance class and discovered that they were making traps to try and catch the leprecauns so that they would be able to get their gold.  He came home last Saturday and announced that was "mean" and that he was going to write the leprecauns a letter.  He would ask them to share their gold because you got things when you asked nicely. LOL  Well I can see our parenting style paying off.

We are not Irish but St. Patricks Day is KC's favorite holiday.  He announced that he likes it better than Easter, because it is green and green is his favorite color. He ended this soliliquey before bed last night by saying he just "adored" St. Patricks day.  The kid just cracks me up.

So anyway, he and Rob wrote a very fancy letter to the wee folk and left it on the table with the gift of a potato.  KC felt a gift was also important and finally decided that they would like a tater.  When they got up this a.m. they discovered one gold dollar coin for each of them and a note (in green of course) saying that they would only share a tiny bit of their wealth.

The sneaky leprecauns also somehow magically fixed the water in our toilet tank to be green. (the kids checked the bowl first thing because that is what they colored last year!)  And they "redecorated" the house a bit.

We may not be Irish but nothing beats the laughter of our own wee folk!

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