Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shamrock Celebration!

 KC and Lissa at supper.  The hats were new this year, but KC is wearing a pin and a string of green beads that he has kept for more than 2 years and which he brings out and wears every holiday.
 Rob sportin' his green.  I told him he looked like a rapper and we should call him some silly name like L.B. Green or something.  Or maybe he looks like Rocky before he hit it big in boxing?  He had a funny hat going on too as I recall. LOL
Then the dessert.  Cupcakes (white cake recipe but K and KC swirled in green food coloring) and a bevy of rainbow colored frosted tops with pots of gold picks.

Too bad Lissa's hat hides the cute box braids that I finished up this a.m.!