Wednesday, March 30, 2011

KC Cracks Me Up!

 OK, this is a pic from KC's last dance recital.  He is always twirling around the front hall, grabbing Lissa and doing a fairly credible version of some ballroom stuff. Loves ballet and has the best leaps in his class. 
And this is KC too!  In a blink of an eye he can become a "rocker" as seen here, or the baseball hat goes on backwards and he is a rapper and a b-boy, singing and break dancing.  I asked him where he learned how to rap and he held his thumb and forefinger apart about an inch and looked and me and said "Ooma I've been a rapper since I was this big!"  ROFL

Oh and just for the record, I am making a HUGE parental sacrifice for KC's recital this year.  The local radio stations sponsored day long concert is the same day.  I will miss. Flo-rida.  Sniff.  One Republic.  Sob.  Tyler Cruz, the band that sings G6.  And more.  Yes more.  But I blocked it all out and focussed on how darn cute he will be as a gingerbread boy in his tap number!

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A man of many talents!