Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Gym Meet

 I wanted to do something with Lissa's box braids that would incorporate the team colors.  She didn't really want to let me fuss much with her hair so we came up with this effect.  Lately the part of the hair that I used the pony-os on is usually in a bantu or zulu knot to the side front of her hair.  But by undoing the knot and just putting these running down it, I could get everything into a small braided bun.  I then decorated with the red ribbons.  My blue ribbons were too stiff and stuck out really weird but the red ones were perfect and they really whipped around when she was out on the floor too.
 Warming up for the big event --before we even left the house.  Our dog Blake is watching.
 My happy daughter assumes the demeanor of a basilisk as they come out to greet the audience.  In reality, she was nervous and said that is why she looked like this.  She had made me promise not to cheer for her but didn't factor in that there would be other events occuring simultaneously and that there WOULD be cheering even if it was not necessarily for her. The first time it happened she stopped, glared at the crowd and put her hands on her hips. Then she stomped over to the apparatus and did great!
Participation trophy and a smile once more!  It  was super hard to get decent photos in the gym.  My flash wasn't strong enough to go the distance from where I was to where Lissa was. But all in all, it was a great experience and I think it was good for the younger kids to get a feel for what a meet is like.  For us parents too as I have no experience in this venue and if it is something she wants to do, I need to be able to support her.