Monday, March 28, 2011

The Lucky Leprecaun Art Gallery!

 It's March still (though barely!)  and somehow the month was slipping away before our annual Lucky Leprecaun Art Gallery could open for business!  LOL  Last year we started this at a time when the kids god parents were visiting and it was a huge hit. They will not be coming by I don't think but we have friends coming on Wednesday for a play date and Nana coming on for the weekend. So it is still a perfect time to share the kids art.  This is also the only way I have found that will get KC to dispose of all but a few precious pieces.  As a highly prolific artist, I just can't keep them all, much as I would wish to.  Scanning them, or photographing them doesn't do it for him either.  However a grand display, where he can then bestow a few of his treasures to the viewers, seems to work.
 This shot showcases some of Rob's art.  One of the cool things is that all the kids really enjoy doing this.  He did some paint by number, traces some birds and then used artists pencils to accurately render their plumage, and did some neat dragons and cars.
 Rob also created this very cool canoe out of paper.  He was inspired by the little boats we made for our Brazil night and got a little grandiose with the size and scale.  KC ahs a mixed media sculpture in the background.
 This is a bad photo of a very cool piece of art that KC made in his art class.  I love this and might want it for my bedroom.
 This is the first picture he did where you could see that he knew our noses had a shape and he tried to represent that.  He was 5 when he did this so I was fairly impressed. 
 I love this mixed media collage that KC made.

This is another bad photo of an extremely cool creation.  Rob made that entire picture out of little punched paper things that are from my scrapbook kit.  It is an island in the ocean with a little house and music notes coming out of the house.  There is a punched paper art border around the whole thing as well.  It makes me want to sing Down by the Bay or something!

I'll have to do another post as Lissa has some art and KC has some animation he has been experimenting with.  But for long distance viewers, that's all from the Lucky Leprecaun gallery for now!