Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Amazing Jane

OK so we had no call with Fiona last Tuesday because she had an altercation with another student and was hospitalized.  Jane had told me she would be back at the Great School in the City forthwith and not to worry. But today at work I got an email from Jane that indicated Fiona was still in the hospital and no call would happen tonight. 

I was worried and emailed my concerns to Jane. Who took time to call me at home!  Jane explained that there was nothing serious going on and that in fact the school has called the hospital every day since admission indicating that they were ready to bring her back to school.  Jane said Fiona's insurance for this type of hospitalization will be used up on Thursday and she expects she will be returned promptly to the Great School upon the expiration of benefits.  There is no serious crisis at present, there is no med review.  This is really a manipulation by the medical institution to get some dollars flowing to their coffers.

We had scheduled a visit to see Fiona on this Saturday and it was also supposed to be a visit with an off site component.  I asked Jane if everything was still a "go."  She said absolutely, that Fiona would in her estimation be back and that she was planning on the visit taking place.  I said that was great, but would we be allowed the off site component.

Jane said of course, we were family.  I said I understood that but I had dealt with many institutions over the years who used time with family as a carrot for behavior.  Good behavior equalled time with family.  Setbacks reduced it and though it never made sense to me, I was accustomed to it.  Jane said that staff had suggested such a thing over a visit Fiona recently had with a cousin and Jane stopped them cold. Family in her mind, is not a negotiable tool for behavior modification.  I couldn't agree more, but it is further proof that Jane really is amazing!

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Sunday Koffron Taylor said...

Yea Jane! I couldn’t agree more but I have had family visits used in that way by family and staff…I think it is unconscionable. If they thought there was some safety risk about letting her off sight I MIGHT understand that, but I am so glad they are following the plan.

How old is fi and what are the long term goals for her? If you don’t mind me asking…