Saturday, July 30, 2011

And we are ready to "par-tay!"

The littles woke up at 6 this morning asking if it was time for the luau yet! LOL  Luckily there was a fair piece of stuff needing to be done to get ready for it.  I don't like to rush so we got up and did breakfast and then started schlepping all the stuff out to the back yard.  We have a "tie dye station" which involved one table and all the gear needed to tie dye the pillowcases.  We had a 6 ft table to move out that holds the other crafts.  We had to wash out the wading pool. (this is going to be the hand washing zone when people get messy from crafts.  I am hanging a bar of soap in a nylon on the bush next to it and putting a few beach towels there.  Then I had them wipe down a bright blue tarp that usually covers our pellets in the winter.  That is the moon sand zone and they helped open all the different colors of moon sand and get little stuff from play do sets to make impressions and such in the sand.  They helped put a tropical garland around the canopy that covers the food table and fastend the table cloths down. We corralled my dear wife to help set up the slip and slide (I am sort of a dunce when it comes to connecting water things.) The kids have as much fun prepping sometimes as they do at an event.  KC made a sign that says ALOHA, KC welcomes you to the luau, fun for all or something like that and drew a Hawaiian dancer on it.  I laminated it and stuck it on the garland.  All the prep took about 2 hours, and then it was time to go to the library and the bank and the store for the snacks.  The kids were equally excited about that as they had summer reading prizes waiting for them.

We got to the grocery store and it was really funny.  I was not at my usual store becuase one of KC's friends has a lot of food allergies. He can't eat gluten, casien, wheat, dairy or soy.  I know the store his mom shops at and wanted to have plenty of things he could eat so that is where we went.  But it meant that I was a bit clueless when I went looking for iced tea for grown ups.  I finally found it and I called up the aisle to Rob who was checking to see if it was up there.  "Rob honey, I found the ice tea, it's right here!"  Some guy, shopping with his girl looked up and said "What did you say?"  I fsaid, the OTHER Rob, my son who is standing behind you!"  We all laughed and it was just one of those silly funny moments. Laden with fruit, veggies, chips, salsa, crackers and cookies that meet our friends dietary requirements and 3 seedless watermelons we left, ready for more luau prep.

Now I have to make popcorn, slice watermelon and get the food in bowls. Truly not hard.  The kids are watching a movie which helps pass the time till an hour from now when friends begin to arrive.  Everyone ready to hula?  LOL

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