Wednesday, July 6, 2011

By George the Germs!

I've been doing this weird thing lately where I forget to name my posts and just race off to the next part of my life. So I am trying to do better in that regard!

Germs.  Yes, germs.  The throat plague that visited our house via my wife initially is now visiting Rob.  My Rob is rarely ill.  I knew something was up when he was in bed at 6:30 this morning, lying down.  At breakfast he finally divulged that his throat was very sore.  It is horrible timing as we are camping this weekend, but it is a huge step for Rob to admit something like that without me prying it out of him. I think it is about feeling safe enough to admit a weakness.  I gave him some Adv*l and tucked him back into bed.  He slept for 4 hours.  Also highly un-Rob like.

He did come down for supper and he is up now listening to a book on tape. But it is very likely that he may not be well enough to come camping this weekend and will stay back at the ranch with Chet and K. Camping when you feel subpar is way less than fun.  I have done it. I speak from experience!

However this means I have to scramble and adapt my weekend plans. Rob is a HUGE help.  He just quietly pitches in.  My first problem is pitching the tent with essentially just myself.  The littles did a very credible job on the back yard test run tonight putting the shock cord poles together. but they have not the strength to help with the other tent raising duties.  There is also the small matter that I have not ever erected this particular tent.  Ever.  Hmmmm. Oh and the directions clearly point to the need for two people.  Needless to say the goings on in the back yard tonight would not be evidence of my years of Girl Scouting.  I did get the thing up but I can't get the fly over the top alone.  Or with the "help" of littles.  So I will "rely on the kindess of strangers."  (said in my best Blanche DuBois voice!)  Actually I'll rely on my friends Craig and Laura who are camping as well. LOL

At the moment our front hall is awash with camping gear.  Tomorrow I need to pack clothing and the food stuffs and  help the littles buy their birthday gifts for their friend A.  K thought I should just not go but that is not an option to me. The kids have been crossing off the days leading up to this birthday camping adventure for literally months (A.'s parents sent out invites in May!) In the words of Tim Gunn of  Project Runway, we will "make it work."

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