Sunday, July 31, 2011

Farewell July!

Today we said farewell to July in style with a day at the beach.  I adore the beach.  Not in a contemplative way.  That is way more my wife.  She also spends time contemplating how to keep sand out of certain areas of her body--I am way less fussy about such matters. LOL  When I was younger I loved running on the beach.  Eventually my wrecked knee put an end to that.  I still love brisk walks on the beach but love playing with the kids best of all.

This is us playing as the tide was coming in.  I could not believe K even managed a shot that got Chet in it too as he was pretty over stimulated by the beach scene today and was flitting around a lot.  The waves were perfect for jumping.  The breeze was a land breeze so you could warm up when you came out, it was just gorgeous.

It also seemed like such a laid back day to me because I didn't have to watch all 4 kids by myself for the trip.  I have not shared beach duties in over 4 years so this was a treat! I do have the 2 littles held in my patented "ninja death grip" in this shot but most of the day I only had one or the other with me at a time.

Lunch was a picnic on the beach--bruschetta on crackers which I adore, with tiny carrots to munch.  Chips and punch or iced water.  I don't know how a day--or a weekend for that matter--could be any better!

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Sunday Koffron said...

Yea! You had me cracking up about the sand! It looks so fun and everyone looks happy!