Monday, July 25, 2011

Black Princesses

I was blog reading the other day and someone highlighted an etsy store called "Erin Go Paint."  If I had time I'd figure out how to do the link thing but that always takes me forever--sorry!  Anyway, she has the most amazing princess and fairy tale art that she has painted using her 4 year old AA daughter as the model. She says at the site that she did this because she didn't want "The Big D" to be the only definition of princess for her daughter.

We have black art around the house--a fishing scene, a gorgeous African princess drumming that hangs in our dining room, kente cloth pillows in the living room, and of course 50 million pics of the kids themselves.  But none of that is the same as Disney inspired kiddie art.

I know we have to re-do Lissa's room next year so I showed her the art. (my personal favorite was an amazing Rapunzel.)  The kids all looked at it and admired them. They thought it was so neat that her daughter was the model.  Then they turned to me and informed me that Rapunzel, Snow White and Thumbelina "just don't really look like that though.

Sigh.  Can you say "we've been Disneyed."

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Anonymous said...

We got that Rapunzel for our new house. Lee wants to put her on the outside of the bathroom door, I think, so maybe we'll have a princess bathroom despite being a house of serious non-princesses! There's no escaping the Big D, though. Sigh.