Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

No I didn't lose my mind!  LOL  We had our bbq today with our dear friends (also our kid's godparents). We always have had a 4th of July BBQ with them, but this year had to change the date to accomodate a glitch in their plans.  It felt so good to be together.  It felt good to hear my son say "I can't WAIT till Greg and Wendy get here.  I just love my godparents."  

I have worried for Wendy this late winter and spring.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It was found early on and a lumpectomy happened. She was given a choice of having only radiation or chemo and radiation.  She decided to go for the chemo before the radiation because it significantly improved her chances of beating this.  Since her sister has also had a run in with cancer, she felt she needed the edge.

Last week she had her last chemo treatment and it felt good to celebrate that.  She looks so frail and tired.  But buoyed up by the love and joy my family showered on her, the silliness that only kids can bring to a situation (or at least my kids can!) and the security of feeling enfolded by love.

I did succumb to my inner Martha and decorated our deck for the day.  Nothing fancy, took all of 15 minutes but it looked pretty and welcoming.  Some day I may be content to just throw that food on the table but I haven't reached that point in life yet! LOL 

After everything was done, and the kids and I had cooled off by shooting water squirters at each other, I took down all the decorations and got our white bear decorated for the rest of summer.  He has been transformed from Patriotic Bear to "Gone Fishing Bear."  I'll try to remember to post a pic tomorrow.  It is silly I know but that stupid bear has given me a solid year of fun!

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