Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Theme Park Transformations

I'm really sure that even the most devoted of blog readers don't want a blow by blow description of our camping weekend.  But while the digs were primitive, our days were spent in two theme parks.   I was more nervous about the theme parks than the bears to be truthful.  First off, I can't do rides that spin around.  Not unless I take dramamine and then I am asleep when I ride them which sort of defeats the purpose! LOL 

But secondly,I wondered how KC would do.  I knew Lissa would have the time of her life, and she absolutely did.  My daughter is a fearless spirit, the kind of person who launches herself into experiences first and worries about the effects or consequences afterwards.

My KC is the total opposite.  Thoughtful even to the point of timid, he has never liked things that move quickly or spin. He usually gets upset if he feels like a car goes down a steep hill too quickly and complains that it makes his tummy "tickle."   I knew he would like meeting Cinderella, and seeing the fairy tale stuff and the nursery rhymes, but the rides???

Geez was I in for a surprise.  KC went on TONS of rides and loved them!  I don't know if it was because he was also doing it with a friend (and often either me or my friends C and L)  But he went on rides that spun, rides that twirled, rides that went up and down (this is a kid who has never even really loved a merry go round!) and laughed and laughed.  That is he and Lissa in the "flying fish" in the pic above.  The fish are on chains and swing out when the ride starts going around.

Kirsty and I have often privately worried together that KC was so tender and the world--well, not really an easy place for tender souls.   He is still my tender sensitive little artist, but there is also a burgeoning confidence within him and that is a gift beyond measure.

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