Friday, July 1, 2011

Green and Growing

I've been wanting to post pics of our community garden plot for a while now. But we kept forgetting the camera when we were up there.  This has not been the greatest growing season on record for us--though the apples in the apple orchard are loving this type of weather and that crop should be amazing.  Still the garden looks good and I think ultimately we will get a decent if not spectacular harvest. 

We have a plethora of tomato plants.  Most are roma "paste" types as we can a LOT.  Mostly sauce and salsa.  We also have one mortgage lifter for general eating.  They are my all time favorite heirloom tomato.  Sliced and put on a sandwich of homemade toasted bread, with a wee bit of Russian dressing and lettuce. Mmmmm, I have died and gone to heaven on a hot summer day eating the like of that!

We have squash, pumpkins and corn as well.  And one lone serrano pepper plant because we were at the garden store tonight that is up the street from us and they were $1.99 each.  I adore hot peppers and  was powerless before those shiny glossy leaves and the promise of fire on my tongue! So that is a late addition to our garden.  The rest has been in for ages now.

I love the garden center that is near our home.  It is a small family owned business. No big box store plants for me.  While we grow most of our plants from seed there are times when I like ones that someone else has done all that leg work on.  Tonight we were actually there because I wanted a hanging plant for my mother in laws plot at the cemetary.  Her plot is small and narrow and it is hard to plant it up with as much color as I would like.  I have found that a shepherds crook and a nice hanging plant give that extra punch of color.  Neil had enormous hanging plants on sale for $14.00 each and we got a spectacular one. The garden center  owners also homeschool their kids and the whole area is very kid friendly. There are animals, chickens, ducks a goat and a burro that wander the environs. My kids adore going there because they hang with the critters when they get tired of looking at plants.  And their kids make friendship bracelets and sell them for .50 a piece The kids picked out one for each of them and one for Rob as a welcome home gift.

This is one of those rambly, not really going anywhere kind of posts.  I typically hit delete when I write as badly as this but tonight I can't because I smile everytime  I look at the picture of the tomato plant!  LOL  Sorry guys!

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Lisa said...

So very jealous of everyone that is gardening. My next house WILL have a place for a garden or else!
A friend of mine felt sorry for me and brought me some of her tomatoes. It was heaven on a plate!