Friday, July 1, 2011

Maturity is not a function of age

Work has been hard lately. Not the skills per se involved in my job.  The dynamics of the personalities at my job.  My immediate boss, who I have worked with since 1980 is having adjustment problems to our new corporate structure. He has become beligerant, defiant and petty. Additionally our former employers turned a blind eye to some things that he should never have been allowed to do--smoke in his office for instance. The new owners enforce the law.  It is in short, pretty darn ugly!

The larger problem is that I need to make  sure that it is clear that his actions and his choices are not viewed as representative of our entire team.  The rest of us may  not love all the changes, but change is part of life and we sure as heck want our jobs. LOL

So in addition to my regular duties I find myself a "mom" or nursemaid, trying to teach my boss that he needs to adapt his behavior to new standards or there will be consequences.  Much as I try to model for  my children.  Except, they get it!

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