Saturday, July 2, 2011

Rob's Home!

Today the littles and I set out at 7:20 to drive a few states away to get Rob from camp.  Traffic was
C-R-A-Z-Y on the way up.  Made me nervous as all get out.  I am a driver who doesn't like lots of traffic, especially of the big truck trying to push you off the road variety.  But we got there safely and hung around for an hour or so till Rob's camp finally dispersed. They were supposed to do this between 9 and 10 but it would up being more like 10:30 before they departed.  Lots of bonding and hugging and sharing of emails and memories.  Good stuff. Stuff worth waiting for.

I loved watching Rob's faee light up when he saw us.  I loved watching him smile and wave at the million zillion kids and adults who were hollering goodbye as we drove off. I loved looking at the art work he spent the week making.  And I love the fact that he is now sitting in the kitchen playing those weird Mumford guys music.  My boy is back. Dirty laundry and all.

P.S. this is a picture Rob took of the new dining hall that was recently built at the camp.  It is truly spectacular.  Lots of room inside and to eat outside on the covered spacious porches with beautiful ocean views!

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