Sunday, July 3, 2011

Best BBQ Ever!

Today we spent the afternoon and early evening with my sister, her husband, and their assorted friendly neighbors at a BBQ.   They live a fair distance from us so though we email and FB each other often, we don't actually get together as often as any of us would like. 

There was an unbelievable amount of delicious food.  I seriously have to get her neighbor to send us his recipe for "lazy pierogies."  It looks easily adapted to vegetarian and my wife who will on occasion eat meat, said it was delicious.  Rob hung out with a few teen boys who were there, shooting an air powered pellet gun at targets.  K is more "anti gun" than I am.  My father was a hunter and much of our family diet when I was growing up came from the woods.  (I don't think there is a connection between that and my later conversion to vegetarianism either.)  But I was raised around guns and taught to use them responsibly. Though I choose to refrain from having them in my home, I think taking the mystique off such things is wise.  Rob and the boys were in our line of sight the entire time, so nothing dangerous could or did evolve.

Meanwhile,  KC and Lissa made friends with the younger kids who were there.  None of the kids were people we had met before, and I was proud to see my kids handle making new friends with ease and aplomb.  Not that they typically have trouble in this regard, but as a homeschooler, one always hears so much "advice" on socializing one's children. LOL  They played and ate, and had two times in the inflatable pool. Which meant I did too, as my kids don't go in water without me being there.  I love playing in the water with the kids, but I am also hyper cautious too.  Stuff can and does happen in an instant.  I don't want a fun family day to be instead marked by tragedy.

While on kid patrol, I enjoyed chatting with many of the adults there. I am a chatter by nature. It doesn't matter a whit to me that I have never met someone. There is always something to natter about. LOL  Consequently, my voice is very tired tonight.  But when KC saw that I was writing on my blog about our day, he said that I should call it Best BBQ Ever.  And I think he was right!


vicsens said...

I love reading your sound like someone I would enjoy "hanging out" with! (please don't take that as 'creepy' lol). I'm not in the adoption world and have only 2 grown youngest grandson (9) is on the autusm spectrum and in many ways sounds a lot like your Chet. Many times when reading your blog, I have pointed out to my daughter the similarities between your son and our boy. Sorry I'm not a regular commenter, but I do read everything you write. Have a great holiday weekend! Vicki

Lee said...

Thanks for the kind words Vicky!