Friday, July 22, 2011

Florida Heat

It has been about 100 degrees here today.  Actually more than that when you add in the heat index stuff.  But I am loving it.  Sure is weird to feel the tile floors in our house HOT though!  LOL  And sleeping is a little tough. But it is fun!  I am weird. We have this dinky 6 inch deep wading pool.  We fill it up and have jumping contests.  We run at it and jump in hollering "cannon ball!"  I am sure our neighbors think that I have lost my mind. LOL 

A tamer variation involves using our water squirters in the center of said dinky wading pool and making a "fountain" that sprays down on us.  We are down right silly.  But after doing this, surprisingly cool!

On another note, I need to email Jane about our recent call with Fiona.  It was a really good call, except that KC mentioned that we are going to Florida next May.  Sigh.  I have not told any of the kids not to talk about this with Fiona. I figured saying that would make them do it automatically. Not to be malicious, just that this seems to happen whenever  you tell a kid not to do something. 

We haven't talked much about the Florida trip so I am not real sure why it came into KC's mind except maybe the heat we have recently been experiencing?  To her immense credit, Fiona was tremendously excited for her siblings and very positive.  But it kills me because this is the second Florida trip that my daughter has not been part of. 

The first was a 3 day junket that K won, not too long after Fiona had been placed in her first residential program.  It was not so hard to leave her behind that time. We were still emotionally reeling from the disruption from our house, she was still doing lots of unsafe things, she was having a med eval. 

Now it is 10 years later.  Because she is considered to be in state care, I know I will not be allowed to take her out of the state.  And I am not sure that an entire week in a different state, living intimately with us and my mom and my sister in law, is a realistic option for her.  But  it hurts to leave her behind.