Friday, July 29, 2011

Tales of a stomach bug

On Thursday at 2:00 a.m. I woke suddenly knowing something was amiss.  Sigh.  Turned out that the dreaded stomach bug had decided to visit me.  Because KC had chosen that particular night to come into my bed, I crept to the downstairs bathroom and then curled up in our spare room, wrapped in comforters as though it was 20 degrees and snowing out.  I did make it to work--for one whole hour. Then I came home and basically slept through Thursday.  I'd waken every few hours, look at the time that had escaped--lost forever-and fall back asleep. 

I even slept through the picture above--Valkyrie had her kittens Thursday afternoon.  4 wee ones, 3 black and 1 smoky grey.  All in good health and mama is calm and fine.  I thought she might be edgy or upset--she is really a babe herself at 6 months old, but she was and is, the picture of contentment. (and I am too, both for knowing that they are all fine and for knowing that there are homes lined up for those sweet little ones 8 wks from now!)

Today I woke up still feeling like death, but not as badly. My co worker begins her vacation today so there was no escaping work.  I slogged in, with my mega large bottle of Diet Gingerale under my arm and waded into the day.  Amazingly at almost exactly 2:00 p.m. I suddenly felt GREAT! And I have felt great ever since.  I am exceedingly lucky since the many residents I spoke with today told horror stories of this lingering on for 4 days. 

But I still begrudge losing that entire Thursday. Sleeping till 6 a.m. is late for me.  Going to bed before 10:30 or 11 is early for me.  Sleeping all day is pretty much unheard of.   I missed my X Games date with Rob.  I didn't find out who the Patriots signed till today.  I didn't do showers and stories with the littles.  In fact I didn't really SEE my kids till today.  So there's lots of loving on to make up for, X Games to watch, and a luau to get ready for!

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Sunday Koffron said...

I sure hope you feel much better soon!