Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ni Hao!

My son Rob's Facebook account says that he speaks Chinese.  I cracked up the day I read this and asked him what Chinese he knew.  He knew three phrases from a kids cartoon. LOL  I laughed, he laughed, and I forgot about it.  But apparently a nugget of interest in a language was growing.

Recently he requested "Chinese for Dummies" an audio CD set, from our local library.  He has been listening to them, making his own Chinese to English dictionary. . . and teaching the words to KC.  I could hear them practicing last night while I was sitting in the bathroom doing Elisabeth's hair.  For me it was such a magical moment. 

One of the reasons I homeschool is that i want my kids to know not just the basics but to love learning. To be inquisitive and to take the time to explore the things that interest them.  I have always felt unsure about Rob.  He has not really evidenced a great desire to learn anything other than sports stats (which have become a big part of mathmatical learning) so I was just gleeful to hear this.

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