Sunday, July 31, 2011

Beach Baby!

So yesterday's party was a huge success. The kids and all their friends and the 8 or so adults (truthfully I lost track of who and how many) all had fun. It was from 1 to 3 and people finally left at 4:30 so I guess they were enjoying themselves.  My goal was to have things cleaned up before my wife got home from work at 6 and inside and out that was accomplished. The kids helped amazingly!  I took not one single picture while the party was going on cause I was so busy but truly they all just had a blast. Slip and slides rock and kids would gather there, and another group would gather on the tarp and play with the moon sand, which was this other huge hit. LOL   A third group would do the crafts and they just sort of naturally rotated between the stations. We all became multi colored doing tie dying.  Just for the record, the fact that this is now very upscale and done with squeeze bottles instead of Rit dye in buckets makes it absolutely no less messy.  Just saying.

Anyway, I must have done such a good job cleaning that my wife surprised me by suggesting that we go to the beach today.  I about fell over.  My wife usually boycotts the beach.  This is typically my thing with the kids.  She also has this rule (that I am known to break often) all the time  that there can only be one fun thing per weekend.

But I love to go to the beach and we have not been all of us together there in years.  So I jumped at the chance and we did some of the packing last night and I am off to do the cold stuff  now!

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