Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Feverish Excitement!

Fiona called tonight and we finally have a date for her to visit at home. She is coming for a visit the first Saturday in August.  Woo hoo!  She is over the moon excited as are we.  She is also nervous, I can tell.  It's been a whole heap of years since she was here.  She knows things have changed but all the pictures descriptions and chatter in the world don't really change your mental memory shots.  I think Jane thinks her anxiety stems around the disruption and removal but I don't really think it is.  She was here a number of times after that.  I really think it is about finding a way to feel like you have a home base when you don't live there and reconciling dreams and memories with the fact that we are not any of us the same people. She is a young adult now, not a 9 year old girl.  Then again, I am not an amazing therapist like Jane so maybe I should not second guess her.

Fiona had wanted to have us go to a restaurant the last time we visited at the Great School in the City and had our 3rd off site visit.  It didn't work time wise and truthfully to ask my kids to go sit in a restaurant after a long train ride and a taxi ride to the school seemed excessive.  But I also know that eating out is special and fun and she probably doesn't get to do it  a lot.  (neither do we so she fits right in! LOL)

When we were discussing the visit tonight I suggested that we go to the restaurant she had been pining for; they have one here in our city too.  She thought that was great and wanted us to meet them there as opposed to coming here to the house first.  So I think it is going  to give her a good way to handle the jitters she is feeling.  After we lunch, we'll come back here to the house.  I also told her about our pregnant kitty and that there may be kittens for her to meet then as well. The kittens were a very huge interest!

All the kids are as excited as I am.  Watching them plan and share on the phone tonight was just magical.  Then I realized after the phone call that KC wasn't just antsy with excitement; he was ill.  A hand on his forehead revealed that he had a temp. He has complained of a headache off and on for a couple days now and I just lay it to the temps and the poor air quality.  Now though I think he may have picked up a bit of a bug.  We showered him to bring down the temp a bit and gave him some tylenol.  He is sleeping in my bed tonight as he has informed me it is the "most comfortable."  There are obviously different sorts of comfort when one is under the weather since my mattress is at least 20 years old and his is 2 years old and made of that memory foam stuff! LOL  But when I checked him just a bit ago the temp seemed lower and some sweat was beading his little brow. Sweat is good, gets the toxins out.

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Mama Drama Times Two said...

Wow! Exciting news - a visit that you have waited a long time for! Hope KC is better soon.