Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mountain Bound!

Today I compressed two days of work into one. . . almost.  I need to run over to the office early tomorrow and scan some docs to my regional mgr.  And I composed a letter for corporate review here at home after watching the results on "so you think you can dance."  (LOVE that show!)  But all in all I did pretty well clearing the deck for the day off.

When I got home we had supper and the littles and i then went to buy food supplies and the birthday gifts for their friend.  Came home, and they wrapped the presents pretty much on their own while I started loading the car.  I had packed clothes this morning and most of our gear was gathered in the front hall but there was lots of loading to do.  And I needed a tutorial in how to use our camp stove.  See for 7 years now my role in camping has been to keep the littles away from the campsite while my wife cooks.  Yup, and tomorrow I 'll be camping solo with them.  I am a crazy woman!

They are so excited. When they finished wrapping the gifts, I was still loading the car.  They wanted to help.  I knew I would never finish if they "helped" so I had them pack toys in a tote bag.  When they finished that, I was still loading and so I had them pack books. Truly I wasn't packing all that much, it is more that my kids move at warp speed! LOL  By the time they finished the books the car was loaded, except for the things that will go in the cooler tomorrow a.m.

I'll get up at my usual time and then scoot to work for that quick task, come home and we will go to the bank and the library. Then we will head north.  My friends Craig and Laura have promised to help me get the fly on the tent so we will be fine. 

Oh and I all ready have received confirmation of 7 little persons interested in attending the luau later this month!

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