Friday, November 27, 2009

Let the Yule times roll!family

The meal has been eaten.  The leftovers will feed us the better part of a week.  I am looking toward sweet potato muffins, vegetable soup, corn and potato chowder, and cranberry coffee cake.  Wasting food is an anathema to me.  I don't hoard food like some of my children do.  No yucky moldy wrappers in my pillow case thank you very much.  LOL  But I do remember being hungry.  I do remember when I had to decide between potatos or pasta for a week of eating (I chose potatos in case you wondered)  So I will never let food molder in my fridge.  It can always become something good!

Today is the day we start decorating for Yule. Thus far I have done the long shelf in the kitchen above our cabinets and a bit in the dining room.  K has made the two cemetary boxes that we do each winter for my grandparents grave and her mom.  The kids were finally allowed to see a holiday video.  I refuse to allow Yuletide to overlap with Thanksgiving.  It is okay for it to start the day after but not before hand!  (grin)

My mom comes in tomorrow for a visit.  The kids are very excited at the pending arrival of the Nana.  My eldest has a migraine and is lying quietly.  He was tired this morning and that is so rare that at 24 I can't think of the number of times in his entire life that he has ever said he was tired.  He is always raring for anything. It was so weird it honestly scared me.  Then the headache came so I hope when he wakens that he is feeling better.

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