Saturday, November 14, 2009

Swimming through Saturday!

It is a deluge here in N.E. folks! Pouring down rain since early a.m. with no stopping. The brook in our back yard is very very full. The streets look like brooks with "puddles" that are 36 inches wide and deep enough to go above the ankles. Such a great day to be out and about! (laughing)

But our Saturdays are for the most part rain or shine events and this was no exception. K was supposed to have the day off and visit with my mom in Maine. They do a bunch of church fairs every year on this weekend. However K is still weak as a kitten from the flu. Not as sick as she was but no real oomph. So she opted to stay home and it was a good call. She slept late (I think it was nearly 8 when she got up) and her day was a quiet one. I took the tribe out early to Staples to get printer ink, then to the bank, then to KC's dance class. He was so glad to be back! From there we sloshed to the library and got books for the week and then I brought the kids home.

I figured they could be warm and dry while I did the grocery shopping. Usually that option is not available to me as K typically works on Saturdays. But since she was home, I thought it kinder to the tribe.

And it probably was as I got drowned in the parking lot. Between the vast expanses of pavement that don't give the rain water anywhere to go, and the sheer volume of water getting dumped, I was saturated before I got into the market.

The funny thing is though that I really LIKE shopping with my kids. I am guessing from conversations with friends that this makes me pretty darn weird. And thinking back, I am pretty sure I wasn't really a cheerful shopping companion at the grocery store when I was a kid. I preferred to be left in the car with a book to read while my parents shopped. But my kids, make a task that I don't really enjoy, a lot more fun. They are funny and often the comments they have about the store crack me up. They are helpful--both Rob and KC routinely grab some of our groceries while I grab others. So I finish quicker too. Exactly the opposite of most of my friends who say that it takes 3 times longer to get through the store if they bring their kids. Who'd have thunk it?

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Mama Drama Times Two said...

We are sick of the rain too...Though I enjoyed the sounds of it today on the roof...