Monday, November 23, 2009

Television does "finding family"

I usually don't watch ads.  I am legendary for it.  So why this one permeated my consciousness is amazing to me.  I was working and watching Dancing With the Stars.  I come from a family of dancers, what can I say?  And then there was this ad for a new show premiering right after DWTS.  The premise is it helps first families and their adopted off spring find each other. 

It chills me.  Not because I don't think that birth mothers and birth fathers shouldn't find their children who were given up for adoption.  Not because I think it is disloyal for adopted children to want to look.  But because I am afraid this show will glamourize the results.  TV is all about happy ever after.  Is it going to show a reunion that doesn't work because one party or the other has issues that need time, therapy ,and more than 60 minutes of prime time to solve?  Is it going to show the pain of not finding the person you are looking for?  And is Fiona going to see this and think that because of this she can find her birth mother?  I know that is her deepest wish.  It has been from Day 1.  And for a child with the emotional and psychological issues that she has, for someone who has some cognitive delays, this is so going to look like --HEY!  It could happen to me! 

And the reality is it is unlikely that it will happen to her.  And the last thing I want for her is more pain and more confusion.  She all ready has way too much.  I have to go to bed now or I will sit here and rant and worry and rant and worry some more.

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Mama Drama Times Two said...

I had mixed feelings about it too...