Thursday, November 19, 2009

We get closer to talking to Fiona

I had another email from Fiona's clinician when I went into work on Monday. She had lost my previous email answering questions on our family, our relationship with Fiona and a host of questions on the bio family in general.  I found my other email and sent it off to her again.  We are looking like we are on for a 5 minute phone call on Wednesday night but I won't actually know until that day.  I suspect that they are tieing the phone call to behavioral choices, which I understand at one level and hate at another.  That dynamic is a part of why I think Rob has distanced himself from his sister.  There is the whole anger/fear thing over her assaultive behavior, but there is also frustration up the big wazoo about times we were supposed to visit and we would arrive and due to her behavior we would be told, so sorry--go home.  Now when she was in the RTC near us it wasn't too bad.  But there were times we were travelling 90 minutes one way and Rob was missing party invites with friends to go see her. . . only to not see her after all.  So I hope that they don't cancel the phone call at the last minute.  I don't want to be her carrot for behavior.  I want to be her family.

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