Thursday, December 10, 2009

Call Review

So I heard from Jane and she felt the call went really well.  She said that she felt Fiona was feeling a mixture of happiness and sadness at talking w/ Rob.  That seems pretty logical and appropriate.  At one level she was voicing "does he really miss me" (which thankfully Rob said he did) and at another expressing happiness to speak with us all.  At any rate things went well enough that have been allowed to set up weekly phone call times.  Very exciting!  I also asked Jane what to do when Fiona expresses her future dreams.  Though nearly 18, she very much is a magical thinker.  Once she turns 18, according to Fiona her job will be going on American Idol or Dancing with the Stars.  Ummm, probably not but I for sure didn't want to go quashing anything the first time I spoke with her after such a long hiatus.  So I kind of walked around that and said something about the volunteer program they offer at her school.  Jane said that was on target and that they deal with the magical thinking issues all the time, which was a relief.

KC is making Fiona a holiday ornament and we will mail that out on Saturday.   Tonight Rob and I go to another city to his very first concert.  I need to buy earplugs on the way home!  LOL


Todd said...

Very happy for you all that the call went well. I could *feel* the happiness in your writing. See if you can get even a short audio or video recording of Rob's part of the concert.

Lee said...

They have a very strict no cameras policy!