Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday plans

I am all ready tired and the day is only 1/2 done!  LOL  Tis the season for that.  We have mailed our card (Post office closed before I could get there  yesterday)  Amazingly enough we were in and out in under 10 minutes.  The woman in line ahead of me said yesterday she waited for 50 minutes!!  We have visited the library for this weeks streasure trove of books and videos, and have been to dance class and the accompanying party.  We have shopped for food, cooked lunch and now the afternoon tasks--some fun some not--are before me.  I have a new cookie recipe to try.  That will be fun.  I have to help the kids make some gifts and wrap others.  That will be fun, I hope.I have pine cones, bird seed and peanut butter to make solstice gifts for the wildlife.  Looking forward to that too.  I have laundry the kitchen and the bathroom to clean. That will not be fun. I have to sort a stash of tissue paper into 4 color groups.  This is how I wrap stocking stuffers.  That way although all the gifts are hidden together we know a) that anything in tissue paper is a stocking gift and b) whose it is by the color.  It is remarkably efficient in helping with the holiday morning hubbub.

  But some how we will get through all of it.  And then, when the wee elves sleep I will wrap the stocking stuffers and then ALL the wrapping will be done!!!! 

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Todd said...

All of ours, 'cept a few "stocking stuffers" are wrapped, but Rain wraps and/or stuffs actual stockings. Happy Holidays! Only a day and a half away. *giddy giggle*