Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nudred Love!

The Nudred that I won arrived yesterday afternoon so tonight after supper I tried it out on the boys.  I wanted to get a feel for how long it would take and how they would like the style.  My pictures are not as good as I would like because I don't have a zoon on this camera.  It came with one but I think it hit the floor once too often! LOL  The sad results of fostering youthful photography I guess!  Anyway, it took way less than 12 minutes to do each one, although I am probably more free flowing about it than some might be.  Neither boy said it hurt.  KC's defined almost instantly.  His hair is thinner than Rob's and more curly than kinky. In fact the picture doesn't do the definition justice.  It is very very cool to look at and he likes it.

  Rob's hair is thicker and more like Katie's Mr.C in her video.  His hair  took more "muscle" to twist but it did twist up pretty quickly.  Unlike Katie I stayed section by section till I felt each was twisted sufficiently.  KC really likes the look. Rob totally hates it.  Says it is "weird."  I pointed out that lots of sports stars wear dreads and you can start dreads this way if you choose.  I think he was ready to go get the razor and have me skin him down. LOL  Course this is a boy who thinks a fade is weird so fashion is a very um interesting experience with him.  Orange jeans and definately no twists!    I can only get Blogger to upload KC' s  pic right now but when it decides to let me, I will up load Robbie's pic as well. 

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